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I think about this video a lot lmaoooo it always kills me

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Natasha Lyonne is on a roll right now.

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I’ve made a new spread in my efforts to promote the wonderful show MisSpelled, and the Kickstarter campaign they’re currently running to fund the rest of the season! (I care about this a lot you guys!)

One of my favourite moments in the first episode (which you should watch, by the way!) is when the girls have gotten together to cast a circle, and Gladys asks, “Should we have googled this?” (Probably!)

So, I present to you my MisSpelled Spread

Card One — WTF Am I Even Doing? will help you clarify your goal and show you what the actual point is.

Cards Two to Five — How tho?? are going to be your advice cards on how to accomplish Card One — you may even get a sequence of steps to follow here.

Card Six — TL;DR will either sum up the last four cards (in case you weren’t paying attention) or give you a bare bones “at the very LEAST just do this” step.

Card Seven — Oh, and JSYK… will point out any helpful tips or advice that mysterious beings in the universe may want you to know about what you’re trying to do — although a grimoire at your door is NOT guaranteed (but you’ve got one in your deck, now don’t you?).

While you’re doing the spread, go check out the MisSpelled episodes on youtube and support their Kickstarter! Spread the word so that we can get even more witchery out of this show in the future!

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Turner Field Two-Step

How adorable

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The Problem With Baby Hairs, 'Urban' and the Fashion Industry Sunday Sep 21 @ 02:04am
41 days, 4 hours since Mike Brown was killed.



@ShaunKing exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

Huffington Post contrasts how the media treats white suspects and killers better than black victims.

110 more days until Grand Jury deadline.

Please never stop updating please

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